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  1. Misc PS1 Discussion
    Because the wheel is gonna loosen and are not smooth,how Im could fix it??????
  2. Software Discussion
    Hey. Currently I'm working on fork of RetroArch called KingStation. Who does not know, RetroArch is frontend for emulator with great support of different platform. Also it's ported on tons of platforms like PSP, PS2, DOS, Android, Windows etc. It's good. What is not good? It has difficult...
  3. x360ce
    there seems to be an issue with retroarch since it it appears to disable the controllers in x360 ce I say this because when I enter retroarch they go from green to yellow and I cant use them or map them in retroarch found a guide saying that I should use sld2 as my input in retroarch and in...
  4. PCSX-Reloaded
    Hi I am using RetroArch to paly Xenogears. I am using the core PCSX-ReARMed. The saving in the game doesn't work and since there are two discs I am worried that when I get to disc two I will need the save data to continue. When I save the game is says it succeeded but the slot is still empty...
1-4 of 4 Results