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  1. Software Discussion
    So I just started using x360ce and I set it up for Street Fighter V. It works fine, but even after I close the game my controller still acts as an xbox360 controller and controls windows10. How do I set it to automatically enable when I open street fighter and automatically disable when I close...
  2. duckstation
    Why Duckstation bilinear texture filtering doesn't affect prerendered backgrounds? Only takes effect on 3D characters textures, and the masks of the backgrounds in Resident Evil titles
  3. x360ce
    i was looking to emulate two controllers with one keyboard and it automatically disconnects one, is there a way to emulate two controllers with one keyboard input?
  4. x360ce
    I remapped my direct input controller to my xinput controller and it worked perfectly on the game I was playing. However, the game recognized some of the inputs from the original controller causing some inputs to double. Is there a way to make the original inputs invisible to the game in x360ce?
1-4 of 4 Results