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  1. PCSX2 Forum
    I just want to bring this up from finding this out from experiencing it just recently, do not download the Harry potter ISO games for any of the PS2 Emulators, don't know what one you might be using but I had them on the PCSX2 which is the one I am using, and they caused the entire Emulator to...
  2. x360ce
    Hi. So as you can see on the image my PC detects my controllers in 'Devices and Printers' menu but when I right click -> game controller configuration, the window that pops up ('Game Devices') is empty. I thought this was cause I needed to map that controller with some program like DS4Windows or...
  3. Game/Console Discussion
    every other game has ripped on my pc for ps2 emu, but this game {enter the matrix} isn't reading for me to rip it on my pc, it is a clean copy, so am confused, any solutions?
  4. x360ce
    I am trying to set up my ps2 gibson SB guitar as an xbox 360 controller using x360ce. When i open world tour it opens as a controller and doesn't register as a guitar. I was trying to follow this tutorial: ScoreHero :: View topic - Guide - PS2/PS3/Wii/All other guitars to work on GH3 PC but...
1-4 of 4 Results