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  1. duckstation
    just got Tomorrow never Dies on the Duckstation and the graphics are somewhat buggy and I'd like to ask what you might suggest/recommend to help smooth out the graphics on it to help make them a lot more sharp and in focus thank you
  2. duckstation
    Hello there, I'd like to ask and know what setting Configurations do I use on Duckstation for third party D Pad Controllers? I recently got myself a 3rd off of Amazon the brand for this particular one is called 'CHEREEKI' and on the page for the controller it says "Games That Should Support...
  3. pSX emulator
    so whenever i try to play Vib-Ribbon normally, it goes blank. It never goes past the menu. it'll just not load the graphics. (BTW, Vib-Ribbon doesn't use model. Instead, it uses a vector-line system, kinda like the original Asteroids in arcades).
  4. Problems with Games
    hi all i downloaded the demo one file and it came with a .img, .ccd and a .sub file. im new to the forum but please can someone help me. i want to bring back memories . DemoOneEUR-PBPX-95008-9744528 that is the version that i downloaded
  5. duckstation
    I downloaded Duckstation (April 18th version, from but I'm having trouble running it on my PC. Everytime I click on it, it opens for a few seconds, but then it closes out of nowhere. I'll post the link of a small video I made as proof. Do you know what it can be done about it? Here...
  6. ePSXe
    I'm not asking for a full PocketStation emulator to be tacked onto ePSXe, but please can you add a little drop down box or something in the memory card window so we can ell the emulator if it's a regular memory card or PocketStation that the emulator thinks is connected. Just adding this will...
  7. Problems with Games
    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help me. I have been trying to get Castlevania Chronicles working for some time now with no luck. Whenever I load the game it shows me “Checking memory card slot 1 Please do not remove or replace the memory card.” Then immediately shows “there is no saved data...
  8. Problems with Games
    Hello. I am having an issue in Spyro Year of the Dragon for the PS1 where it shows a black bar on the loading screen. I have attached an image on what it looks like as an example. Everything about the game works fine and I have no issues with in-game video or graphics. It is just the...
1-8 of 8 Results