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  1. x360ce
    The refresh rate drops periodically to 1hz and the controller starts to hang (for example, if the stick was turned to the left at the time of the frequency drawdown, then it will hang for a couple of seconds in this position)
  2. Software Discussion
    When I start a game the screen appear moved. Could you help me please?
  3. x360ce
    I downloaded the program to replace some bad controls which i cant change in settings like weird stick inversion ( left is up right is down). but when I use it instead of replacing the controls it uses both which makes it unusable as it uses 2 keys with 1 press. i tried it on 2 different games...
  4. x360ce
    i have a problem with my new usb controller while playing tekken with it, the game picks up input from the controller but recognizes the dpad as an analog stick therefore it doesn't work in the main menu, and when i configure it in x360 to dpad it works but when i press other buttons it picks up...
  5. Open Discussion
    Hello fellows, I'm having one issue with the BT3 game, when I go to Duel Mode or any other mode that isn't the story mode, my R3 don't work when I try to transform my character, I've checked everything on the game and couldn't find some way to transform my character, when I press R3 nothing...
  6. x360ce
    I just installed x360ce and try to bind with my controller, but the axis (analog) got inverted somehow. when I press Up the indicator showing Down and vice versa. But its work correctly on left and right. Is there any solution for this issue? Thank you very much
  7. ePSXe
    so i want to change controls but it won't let me it says that "no confing required" can i change controls if i can how
  8. ePSXe
    Hey! When I beat arcade mode with any character (I only have classic characters) and after the video, I have only blach screen and I can't unlock new characters. Please. Write me how to fix that problem.
1-8 of 8 Results