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  1. Visualboy Advance
    This is my first time using any emulator, so bear with me. I found a thread on this exact question but it didn't answer anything so I wanted to post myself. I started up Pokémon FireRed the first time and managed to just start playing. Had a bit of difficulty with controls so I adjusted them...
  2. Visualboy Advance
    this is my first forum post, so i don't quite understand how it works... anyway, i would like to talk about my vba problem link: vba is currently the emulator i'm using to play third generation pokemon games, but i've been having some connection issues in specific games: I watched the tutorials...
  3. No$GBA
    Soooooooo how the hell do I keep playing once i've beaten the elite 4? I know the game isn't over, I haven't met the Regi's and there's the whole NorthEastern archipelago to explore still. So is there any way to continue the game as you would on a DS after getting through the post-Elite4 credits...
1-3 of 3 Results