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not working

  1. x360ce
    since i closed the program for the first time, only the top bar can be seen. As seen in the picture. What should I do now?
  2. x360ce
    Hey guys, so, I have played Fifa 21 a lot these days, and yesterday I formated my pc, and the x360ce is not working. I already tried all shit that appears, but no one worked. It just crashes after the launcher open or when I can open, the controller configuration is all wrong. Can someone help...
  3. DeSmuME
    when i start a rom on desmume the game sound start but have no image
  4. ePSXe
    Hello, I am currently facing an extremely odd problem. While playing the first Crash Bandicoot on ePSXe (version 2.0.5), the controls suddenly stopped working completely - not a single button worked. I believe it might have something to do with me accidentally pressing the "f5" key, as the...