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  1. x360ce
    I'm trying to play Dead Rising 2 but whenever the game is full screen nothing happens. However, when I minimize the game I can hear the audio cues of me moving around in the menu. I can't play the game without seeing it so some help would be appreciated.
  2. duckstation
    I've been using DuckStation for awhile now and I'm wanting to use a genuine official Xbox Wired 360 Controller, I would really like to know just which one of the Controller Types in the settings do you use for it, because I really don't know nor have any idea which one it is. Thank You
  3. Software Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing a weird bug with my Switch Pro Controller on Sonic 3 AIR via Steam and VisualBoyAdvance. When I press A it still functions as the A button but it pauses the game at the same time and I do not understand why. I've tried assigning it to different buttons but the A...
  4. Visualboy Advance
    Ey, i looked everywhere for a solution but didn't found one so i hoped you guys could help me. i tried to put cheats on the VBA on pokemon firered but the master code always give me an error code. something about "not being the right game" but here's the catch, i looked in 4 andcheats sites...
  5. x360ce
    I have mapped to the correct keys in the emulator. However, when launch the game the DPAD right is working as X button and DPAD down is working as B. The other keys are all messed up too. I am using Windows 11. Please help!
  6. duckstation
    Hi, Just need some help with Duckstation, please. When playing 3D games on Duckstation, the draw distance now seems very short, and sprites are displayed over characters in the foreground. Please see the screenshot from Syphon Filter as an example. I had been adjusting some settings but had...
  7. x360ce
    Hey everyone, so for months now I've been using x360ce so I can use my HOTAS setup on FiveM servers, but for some reason it all stopped working a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to get it working for ages now, and no matter what I do it won't work. I've reinstalled both FiveM and x360ce to no...
  8. Problems with Games
    I'm pretty new to epsxe but for the most part I can get games running well enough. Most games after Un-Zip come with one BIN file, but this game came with 18! each one saying (WCW vs. the World (USA) (Track 01).bin up to 18) not sure how to open this game & could use some help.
  9. PCSX-Reloaded
    im having trouble with this emulator, more specifically the roms and i have no idea where to import them, could anyone help? TIA
1-9 of 9 Results