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  1. x360ce
    Hey everyone, so for months now I've been using x360ce so I can use my HOTAS setup on FiveM servers, but for some reason it all stopped working a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to get it working for ages now, and no matter what I do it won't work. I've reinstalled both FiveM and x360ce to no...
  2. Problems with Games
    I'm pretty new to epsxe but for the most part I can get games running well enough. Most games after Un-Zip come with one BIN file, but this game came with 18! each one saying (WCW vs. the World (USA) (Track 01).bin up to 18) not sure how to open this game & could use some help.
  3. PCSX-Reloaded
    im having trouble with this emulator, more specifically the roms and i have no idea where to import them, could anyone help? TIA
1-3 of 3 Results