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  1. x360ce
    I cant use my xbox one controller in rocket league and probably any other game, i used x360ce for AC1 and AC2 i had trouble using the program twice also i installed something called vjoy which was i think needed for the 32x bit version of x360ce, but i uninstalled it immidiatley because it...
  2. ePSXe
    Hey guys I hope some hero can help me here... I’m trying to play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and it’s all ok for a few “in game days” and after day 4 or 5 the game simply freezes out of the blue (I think it’s always at some point in the afternoon). It’s not a cutscene or loading screen, if I...
  3. Problems with Games
    I don't exactly know what's doing it, either the ISO isn't read correctly or the game isn't able to scan for .mcr files, either way it's impossible to save on Future Cop: LAPD, any attempt to save or load results in it checking for a memory card and then coming up with a "memory card not found."...
  4. x360ce
    help, i my pc already detect my gamepad, but this program not,
  5. ePSXe
    I'm using ePSXe 2.0.5 and mapped the key to SPACE. Here are my settings if it helps: Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.10 Author: Pete Bernert Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. GFX card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Resolution/Color: 1440x900 Fullscreen - NO desktop changing Internal X...
  6. x360ce
    I am trying to inject the joystick into fiveM and need the 1_4.dll file but every time I make it it just makes the 1_3.dll File. Why is this?
  7. ePSXe
    Some options become grey and unelectable after a game is closed and during a game. For instance, after exiting any game all options under File like Run DCROM or RunBIOS are grey and unselectable, also everything under Config like Video and Sound experience the same issue. The program must be...
  8. Game/Console Discussion
    That. I have the game and I wanted to play it with my controller, but it's not supported, I don't have the facilities to help you buy it tho. srry :(