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  1. duckstation
    I downloaded Duckstation (April 18th version, from but I'm having trouble running it on my PC. Everytime I click on it, it opens for a few seconds, but then it closes out of nowhere. I'll post the link of a small video I made as proof. Do you know what it can be done about it? Here...
  2. x360ce
    This is the 3rd time, I have managed to fix it the first 2 times but its been a while and I have since forgotten how i fixed it. The issue is that for some random reason, probably when I shut off my computer, the EMULATED X360 CONTROLLER replaces my Xbox Series controller with ITSELF as...
  3. x360ce
    So, i just bought GTA V from Epic and i dont know how to make it work, please help.
  4. ePSXe
    My GPU is an AMD Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X and years ago I was able to use PEC. Emulation works with other plugins. Obviously not with PEC since it doesn't even know what GPU is on my system. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. x360ce
    I'm trying to solve an issue where the game keep registering a left bumper input repeatedly using x360ce and my switch pro controller, but no matter what I try the game won't let me configure the buttons for it even though it shows up in the configuration menu. Does anyone know exactly what to...
  6. x360ce
    I downloaded the program to replace some bad controls which i cant change in settings like weird stick inversion ( left is up right is down). but when I use it instead of replacing the controls it uses both which makes it unusable as it uses 2 keys with 1 press. i tried it on 2 different games...
  7. x360ce
    Hey So I'm trying to setup my PDP Afterglow controller, the model made for Nintendo Switch (this one: ), to be used in games on my pc. I have the controller plugged in via usb into the pc, and I then...
  8. x360ce
    i have a problem with my new usb controller while playing tekken with it, the game picks up input from the controller but recognizes the dpad as an analog stick therefore it doesn't work in the main menu, and when i configure it in x360 to dpad it works but when i press other buttons it picks up...
  9. x360ce
    Hello, I am trying to get my joystick to work with FiveM, there are several guides for this online, however they all instruct me to place the xinput, ini and dll files in the game folder, but x360ce does not create these files, nor does it present me the option to do so. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Problems with Games
    I'm pretty new to epsxe but for the most part I can get games running well enough. Most games after Un-Zip come with one BIN file, but this game came with 18! each one saying (WCW vs. the World (USA) (Track 01).bin up to 18) not sure how to open this game & could use some help.
  11. Problems with Games
    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help me. I have been trying to get Castlevania Chronicles working for some time now with no luck. Whenever I load the game it shows me “Checking memory card slot 1 Please do not remove or replace the memory card.” Then immediately shows “there is no saved data...
  12. x360ce
    Hey guys, so, I have played Fifa 21 a lot these days, and yesterday I formated my pc, and the x360ce is not working. I already tried all shit that appears, but no one worked. It just crashes after the launcher open or when I can open, the controller configuration is all wrong. Can someone help...
  13. x360ce
    I cant use my xbox one controller in rocket league and probably any other game, i used x360ce for AC1 and AC2 i had trouble using the program twice also i installed something called vjoy which was i think needed for the 32x bit version of x360ce, but i uninstalled it immidiatley because it...
  14. ePSXe
    Hey guys I hope some hero can help me here... I’m trying to play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and it’s all ok for a few “in game days” and after day 4 or 5 the game simply freezes out of the blue (I think it’s always at some point in the afternoon). It’s not a cutscene or loading screen, if I...
  15. Problems with Games
    I don't exactly know what's doing it, either the ISO isn't read correctly or the game isn't able to scan for .mcr files, either way it's impossible to save on Future Cop: LAPD, any attempt to save or load results in it checking for a memory card and then coming up with a "memory card not found."...
  16. x360ce
    help, i my pc already detect my gamepad, but this program not,
  17. ePSXe
    I'm using ePSXe 2.0.5 and mapped the key to SPACE. Here are my settings if it helps: Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.10 Author: Pete Bernert Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. GFX card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Resolution/Color: 1440x900 Fullscreen - NO desktop changing Internal X...
  18. x360ce
    I am trying to inject the joystick into fiveM and need the 1_4.dll file but every time I make it it just makes the 1_3.dll File. Why is this?
  19. ePSXe
    Some options become grey and unelectable after a game is closed and during a game. For instance, after exiting any game all options under File like Run DCROM or RunBIOS are grey and unselectable, also everything under Config like Video and Sound experience the same issue. The program must be...
  20. Game/Console Discussion
    That. I have the game and I wanted to play it with my controller, but it's not supported, I don't have the facilities to help you buy it tho. srry :(
1-20 of 20 Results