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  1. Problems with Games
    I don't exactly know what's doing it, either the ISO isn't read correctly or the game isn't able to scan for .mcr files, either way it's impossible to save on Future Cop: LAPD, any attempt to save or load results in it checking for a memory card and then coming up with a "memory card not found."...
  2. Problems with Games
    I am playing Rival Schools: Nekketsu Seishun Nikki on ePSXe v2.05. When I came across a loading screen (I was well far into the game too)it gave me this error and when I would reset it I would just be stuck on the loading screen every time (via save state and memcard). My overclocking is set at...
  3. x360ce
    I'm running x360ce on 32bits version to play codmw2, but when i start x360ce, the initial config says that there are 2 joysticks, but i'm using only one!!! also, the 2nd joystick is with the green square ( and it doesn't works ) and the 1st joystick is with the red square ( and it was supposed...
  4. No$GBA
    I was going to play Animal Crossing Wild Word, but, a Fatal Error Message says: "Sorry, no$gba needs a copy of the original GBA BIOS (in a file named gba.rom or no$gba.rom) to execute BIOS sound functions." This message scolds me, and I didn't went wrong with this emulator. I was used the...
  5. x360ce
    I have a problem with emulating gamepad with x360ce. When i press right trigger, at the same time pressing start button, but i place on right trigger his button. Before everything was OK, but now something went wrong.
1-5 of 5 Results