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  1. Gamepad controller moves twice on single press

    Problems with Games
    Hi Friends.. I just installed ePSXE 2.0.5 on my computer and bought a dual shock controller. After setup the controller, the gamepad can be used to play, the problem is when I am playing Medal of Honor, I can not choose the War Record on the Opening Screen. It seem when I push the right/left...
  2. Vibration function with the Legend GD-200 gamepad

    ePSXe Android Discussion
    I've tried all the fixes related to problems woth the gamepad vibration and the Android version of ePSXe, but none of them worked. Can someone help me fix this, please? My gamepad is the Legend GD-200 from oex. Thank you!
  3. My load state crashes my game

    I don't speak English as a native language, so sorry if You don't understand me. I'm playing Tales of Destiny via ISO. I was saving via save states cause epsxe doesn't leave me save normal. I saved after the fight against Hugo and closed the emulator. But when i went to load the save state, it...
  4. ePSXe crashes when I click Config > Video

    I used to play on ePSXe many years ago, in like 2014 or so. My old version was outdated and didn't work anymore, so when I wanted to play Digimon World, I had to reinstall the latest version. I've upgraded to v. 2.0.5 now and got the game working, no problem. When I started it I realized the...
  5. ePSXe: Can you use a save of a game stored in the mem card with other ISO/ROM of the same game

    i need to transfer my save from a Silent Hill 1 ISO to a Silent Hill 1 Rom with a different translation to spanish
  6. Keep getting this error when trying to open a game (epsxe)

    Open Discussion
    Hello. I'm trying to play Valkyrie Profile on epsxe with the natural vision shader, but everytime I try this error pops up: this are my settings: my hardware is: Radeon RX 480 4GB i3-6100 3.70GHz 8 Ram
  7. Turn off FPS limit while pressed button not working

    I'm using ePSXe 2.0.5 and mapped the key to SPACE. Here are my settings if it helps: Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.10 Author: Pete Bernert Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. GFX card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Resolution/Color: 1440x900 Fullscreen - NO desktop changing Internal X...
  8. ePSXe crashes when using Cardshark Codes

    Hello, I have an emulator and due to Echo Night not knowing how Black Jack actually works, I've had to resort to cheats to get through...problem is when I win, the game gets frozen now and stays frozen. I've adjusted the CPU overlook to x1, I've changed the plugins to "Nice" as the...
  9. Immersive mode on android ePSXe

    Hi guys, how are you? well i started playing PlayStation 1 games recently on my phone, but it is from motorola brand so even in widescreen mode there is a black bar where the virtual buttons should be. I prefer to play in 4: 3 mode but this black bar makes the game far to the left, which is...
  10. Final Fantasy 7 Can't get out of Battle

    Problems with Games
    Hi all, I'm recently having this issue every time I enter a battle. Battle proceeds smoothly with no problems, that is until the very end. When I defeat all the enemies the victory sequence doesn't start. The screen just stays there and I can't do anything cause the battle is already over but...
  11. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 100+ DEF? (ePSXe)

    I really wanted to reach 100+ armor. What I am thinking is to gain DEF using Walk Armor by resetting the map. though, how to do this? Or maybe there is another way? Thank you!
  12. NFS High Stakes FPS loss

    Problems with Games
    Decided to indulge in some nostalgia, got NFS High Stakes PS1 version and ePSXe 2.0.5. Found in Youtube some recommendations about settings and launched it. Everything was fine till cars appeared on screen. Game become more sluggish, also stopping for a moment every 5-7 seconds, while...
  13. Tekken 3 Problem

    Hey! When I beat arcade mode with any character (I only have classic characters) and after the video, I have only blach screen and I can't unlock new characters. Please. Write me how to fix that problem.