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  1. WoJ XInput Emulator Premium v1.3

    Emulation News Submissions
    Donate and get it by email: 1. Triggers as Axes (Accelerator) are implemented for Google Stadia gamepad. It also can be useful for some other controllers, for any Racing games. 2. Diagnostic option is added to contextual menu. Just select this...
  2. the xbox 360 controller does not work

    Open Discussion
    Hi, I have the xenia emulator that starts the game, I also have the x360ce_x64 setting that works perfectly and the joystick is regular with the keys. But when I start the game, it doesn't read it anyway, what can I do? I have tried all possible drivers: / ps sorry for bad eng
  3. Should I keep trying to work with libretro?

    Hello everyone, Can you please go over and give me some clarity? btw, I might have news for you on April 1st.