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  1. duckstation
    Can a Xbox Series S/X Controller work on Duckstation?
  2. Project 64
    I'd like to know what would be the best Nintendo 64 Emulator for the PC to go for right at this time was thinking and looking at getting the one called RMG, and like to ask what in your learned opinion would you recommend getting? thank you
  3. PCSX2 Forum
    I just want to bring this up from finding this out from experiencing it just recently, do not download the Harry potter ISO games for any of the PS2 Emulators, don't know what one you might be using but I had them on the PCSX2 which is the one I am using, and they caused the entire Emulator to...
  4. Cxbx
    Anyone know of any good working and still active Xbox 360 and Original Xbox Emulators for the PC also what are they like for using an original genuine wired Xbox Controller on them thank you
  5. duckstation
    I've been using DuckStation for awhile now and I'm wanting to use a genuine official Xbox Wired 360 Controller, I would really like to know just which one of the Controller Types in the settings do you use for it, because I really don't know nor have any idea which one it is. Thank You
  6. ePSXe
    It seems the PC port of ePSXe is officially abandonware. The Android version is still being worked on. My laptop is more than capable of running games with Intel UHD Graphics (not every setting maxed out). What bugs me the most... Is that the FPS isn't a consistent 60 fps or game dependent...
  7. Software Discussion
    Hey. Currently I'm working on fork of RetroArch called KingStation. Who does not know, RetroArch is frontend for emulator with great support of different platform. Also it's ported on tons of platforms like PSP, PS2, DOS, Android, Windows etc. It's good. What is not good? It has difficult...
  8. Misc N64 Discussion
    I'm trying to emulate the N64 Super Smash Bros just as the original one looked like, i remember it had some antialiasing and blur effects on screen but on all the emulators i tried it seems like there is no blur effect. Can anyone help me? I'm using mostly the Project64 because of the...
  9. PCSX-Reloaded
    im having trouble with this emulator, more specifically the roms and i have no idea where to import them, could anyone help? TIA
1-9 of 9 Results