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  1. x360ce
    Hello. I have a problem. when i start x360ce i have already my ps4 controller connet but when i go to the "games" in x360ce and click on the game i want to play it's start making that disconnect sound and doesn't work. The game is " Tools up" and with other games worked. Thank you and i wait for...
  2. Hardware Discussion
    Hello, I'm new here, don't know if this goes in hardware, and please, if it brakes the subforum rules, tell me, and I'll just delete it. I bough this saturn-like gamepad and it's a design or 2+1+6 face buttons + 4 shoulder buttons. As you see, it has built-in Home, Turbo and Screenshot buttons...
  3. PCSX-Reloaded
    Hello, I really didn't want to make an account to post this... but I have spent a week trying to troubleshoot this to no avail and I feel I've tried just about everything. I haven't even found anyone else talking about a similar issue either! I recently downloaded the PGXP version of PCSXR to...
  4. ePSXe
    Has anyone had anyluck with asus TV500BG bluetooth gamepad ? It is not registering any input when I try to configure each button. Please advice on steps to trouble shoot and configure it properly.
  5. x360ce
    Hello, My PS4-Controller works fine with ,''x360ce'' but the Force Feedback isn't working. I tried every option in the advanced tab and the force feedback tab but nothing happend when I tested it. I hope you can help me! Thanks!