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  1. PCSX Reloaded Dropping Inputs

    Hello, I really didn't want to make an account to post this... but I have spent a week trying to troubleshoot this to no avail and I feel I've tried just about everything. I haven't even found anyone else talking about a similar issue either! I recently downloaded the PGXP version of PCSXR to...
  2. Asus Gamepad (TV500BG)

    Has anyone had anyluck with asus TV500BG bluetooth gamepad ? It is not registering any input when I try to configure each button. Please advice on steps to trouble shoot and configure it properly.
  3. PS4-Controller - no Force Feedback

    Hello, My PS4-Controller works fine with ,''x360ce'' but the Force Feedback isn't working. I tried every option in the advanced tab and the force feedback tab but nothing happend when I tested it. I hope you can help me! Thanks!