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  1. ePSXe
    I've trying different plugins for video and audio that I've found in different pages and I think i have the video issues solved but the audio is still choppy. Because of this, I wonder if anyone that has played Sillent Hill without any problems could share the config used. I think this can be...
  2. ePSXe
    I used to play on ePSXe many years ago, in like 2014 or so. My old version was outdated and didn't work anymore, so when I wanted to play Digimon World, I had to reinstall the latest version. I've upgraded to v. 2.0.5 now and got the game working, no problem. When I started it I realized the...
  3. ePSXe Compatibility
    First post about problem heh?[emoji17] So i just installed epsxe 2.0.5, settings plugins here and there, making it as low as possible (default settings = fast) hoping that the game will run smoothly (I don't mind with hd graphics). Game : Ace Combat 3 Spec : Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit...
1-3 of 3 Results