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  1. Game/Console Discussion
    My Device : Sony PlayStation DualShock 2 ( Twin USB JoyStick ) App : Xbox360ce(32-bit) / Xbox360ce(64-bit) ? Game : CastleVania - Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate HD (PC) * I Need Help, How to use setting Xbox360ce For CastleVania - Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate HD (PC) THANK YOU MY SIR.
  2. Problems with Games
    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help me. I have been trying to get Castlevania Chronicles working for some time now with no luck. Whenever I load the game it shows me “Checking memory card slot 1 Please do not remove or replace the memory card.” Then immediately shows “there is no saved data...
  3. ePSXe
    I really wanted to reach 100+ armor. What I am thinking is to gain DEF using Walk Armor by resetting the map. though, how to do this? Or maybe there is another way? Thank you!
1-3 of 3 Results