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  1. x360ce
    b8 and b9 are "button" versions of my trigger axes, which are axes 3 and 4 here. the axes in gamepad tester dont seem to match up to the axes in x360ce though, and it only detects the 4 joystick axes,and the y axes have to be inverted for a 1:1 map of the controller. for some reason my dpad is...
  2. x360ce
    When I set up my device the first time I just hit the record button for all my inputs. It worked perfectly but when I went to invert the controls I messed it up and now I do not see the ability to use a slider as an input. Recording the input does not work the same anymore either. The slider is...
  3. x360ce
    I´ve tried everything but i can´t increase that thing and my character goes slow when its going forward
  4. x360ce
    I just installed x360ce and try to bind with my controller, but the axis (analog) got inverted somehow. when I press Up the indicator showing Down and vice versa. But its work correctly on left and right. Is there any solution for this issue? Thank you very much
1-4 of 4 Results