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  1. ePSXe Android Discussion
    Hello there! Guys, maybe you know how to adjust dead zones for a gamepad? I'm using XSX gamepad via bluetooth For example in Gran Turismo 2 dead zone is unbelievably huge (about 50% of stick isn't used) That's very inconvenient to play. As I mentioned in the title dead zone setting doesn't seem...
  2. ePSXe Android Discussion
    Hi everybody I've been playing a lot of 2d emulated titles (CV, Herc's Adventures, Alundra etc.) on my old Mi Pad 1 with custom firmware, and while those look OK with default shaders on x1 resolution with CRT-Hylian, I'd like to try out other options for 3D titles. I tried upscaling the...
  3. ePSXe Android Discussion
    I've tried all the fixes related to problems woth the gamepad vibration and the Android version of ePSXe, but none of them worked. Can someone help me fix this, please? My gamepad is the Legend GD-200 from oex. Thank you!
  4. ePSXe
    Hi guys, how are you? well i started playing PlayStation 1 games recently on my phone, but it is from motorola brand so even in widescreen mode there is a black bar where the virtual buttons should be. I prefer to play in 4: 3 mode but this black bar makes the game far to the left, which is...
1-4 of 4 Results